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ZOCANISTA = Wild, free and fun loving individuals from all walks of life, of all shapes and sizes who gather to share their joy of self-expression and personal upliftment through Caribbean and Afro-pop dance.

Florence, Executive Director

“I have been working out with ZOCA since its inception in Zambia. As an executive Director for an NGO in Zambia, the hours are long and the workload juts out of this world. Aerobics helped with the keep fit but discovering ZOCA brought in the aspect of dance fun and networking. At 47, married with above teen children, I feel fit and good inside and trying to keep up with ever reducing clothes size. A happy grandma of one!”

Beth Donaldson

An exhilarating joyous journey into the music and dances of Africa! Not being overly familiar with popular or even most folk songs of various African nations, I was enthralled with quick intro explanations of where the song or move originates, then was thrust into some familiar body movements and may unfamiliar styles of dance. I embrace all world music and love to learn new styles, so although this is similar to Zumba in theory, the African music and dance took me to a different place. Namaala is fun and enthusiastic and it shows in her style and her own movement. I was stuck with her fierce strength and connection to the floor combined with her very feminine, expressive hands. Bravo!

“I have exercised since I was 13 years old and I have continued with various workout programmes ever since - this has now become my lifestyle. As my children have grown, one of the legacies I would like them to remember me for is how I valued keeping fit and exercising. ZOCA has been able to provide me with that fantastic opportunity as I attend classes with my 11 year old daughter every week and we try to wear matching gym outfits! We even try practice the moves together at home… this is something both of us will cherish for the rest of our lives

Jessica Vainer
Washington D.C.

“ZOCA is fun, raw, sensual and organic. It’s like Zumba on steroids! A full workout from brain to toe – challenging neuromotor coordination, while the heart’s pounding and everyone's smiling. My whole day is infused with its energy!”

Talya Garnett

ZOCA is a great way to keep fit and have fun! I generally don’t like doing cardio, but with ZOCA you don’t actually realise how tired you are because you’re having such a great time! The mix of music and dance styles keeps you in touch with different cultures, so it’s a great learning experience too. It’s a very liberating way to stay in shape!

Kayleigh Dreyer

ZOCA has had a huge impact on my life, It has also increased my fitness level and helped me shake off a few pounds. I can’t seem to pick me favourite dance because I love sooo many of them. Would definitely recommend this fun, fantastic workout.

Pamela, In house Counsel/Company Secretary


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