Zambia's own Caribbean and African dance fever is a unique new take on dance fitness inspired by the colourful carnivals of the Caribbean and the new boom in African pop music. ZOCA is a highly effective and exhilarating workout aimed at not only improving strength, muscle tone and endurance but confidence and body image as well. 


What is ZOCA max? A hard–core workout specially designed by Ghada and Priyanka to give you a full body make–over. A combination of aerobics and toning, it includes work on the step and on the floor mat, using small weights and other equipment to firm up your arms, abs, thighs and gluts. MAX IT UP and see results!


 ZOCA Kids is specially designed to give children the same benefits that ZOCA provides for adults, but with modifications and additions to cater to their particular needs.  A student engaged in a ZOCA Kids class will experience aerobic exercise, muscle stretching and strengthening, and mental stimulation. The process of learning dance routines will also give them a sense of achievement and accomplishment. The most immediately evident impact of the class is that they students have a great deal of fun and enjoyment.


ZOCA Smooth aims at delivering a low impact dance cardio workout to people with limited mobility. Students get the same fun energy of ZOCA without the stress of turns and jumps. Movements, pace and choreography are modified to keep joints in safer range of motion and a moderate heart rate.

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Our Corporate ZOCA sessions are specially designed for companies and organisations. We know how important it is for employees to exercise at least twice a week. Set up a ZOCA session right at your office! We have had great success with these classes and continue to grow from company to company!