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Namaala, an attorney of Zambian and British descent who grew up and trained in dance in America, was rediscovering her roots in Lusaka, Zambia while working at a law firm and teaching dance classes.   She already had a tendency in class to play the Soca music reminiscent of her many journeys to Trinidad & Tobago for Carnival.  One day, with her IPod on shuffle, an Afro-pop song which was a huge club hit started to play.  She rushed to change it back to the usual workout music but the ladies asked her to leave it on and a jam session ensued, with Namaala and a group of Zambian women going crazy for the song and shaking their hips.   She started to bring all the hot Afro-pop and Zambian songs and dance moves that were so popular around town and, fused together in one class with the Trinidadian Soca, ZOCA was born.



Founded in 2012 by dancer and choreographer Namaala Liebenthal, ZOCA (Zambia’s Own Caribbean and African Dance Fever) is a unique new take on dance fitness that has quickly taken Southern Africa by storm. Inspired by the colourful carnivals of the Caribbean and the new boom in African pop music, ZOCA brings together these two rich cultures to create a highly effective and exhilarating workout aimed at not only improving strength, muscle tone and endurance but confidence and body image as well. ZOCA goes beyond other forms of dance fitness by setting a combination of challenging and fun choreography to music that travels from the streets of Trinidad & Tobago to the nightclubs of Zambia.

"Highly effective and
exhilarating workout"

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