At ZOCA Dance, we believe in creating a community of people who love the power of movement as much as we do. Our experienced and enthusiastic teachers ensure that every one of their students leaves their classes feeling energized and joyful, filled with all the passion that dance has to offer. Ready to embark on this incredible journey?

What You Need to Know

We’ve been putting a lot of work into making sure these online classes exceed your expectations, and we’re excited to finally announce some of what’s being scheduled. ZOCA Dance is meant to inspire, teach, and be enjoyed by audiences across the world. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum, a working-class or you just have no time to attend physical classes, these classes are for you!! Thinking location? The good news is that these classes are not location biased, you get to join us from where ever you are.

Enjoy working out in the comfort of your home! SAME routines but different settings. These classes are only going at $8 per session but we do host free classes from time to time.

Be on the lookout for our promotions and discounts! DON'T FORGET TO SPREAD THE WORD!!

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